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Empowering Women

At DeRose FPG, our team takes a special interest in empowering women to actively engage in the advisory relationship and become focused participants in the process of planning their financial future. And, as the research has dictated, the future may in fact be women:

  1. Women are displaying their prominence in their careers today more than ever, and this has led to an influx of wealth to women and their families.
    • Women make up 47% of the U.S. population and two-thirds of the American workforce.
    • Close to 10 trillion majority women-owned US business = $1.4 trillion annually.
    • GDP of women-owned businesses would surpass that of France, Italy and the United Kingdom.
  2. Women are also playing a noticeable role in financial decisions as well.
    • 57% of females primarily handle investment decisions.
    • Almost as many (55%) say they are the ones who research new investment or retirement ideas.
    • Also, 59% say they are the ones who teach their children about money.
    • More so, 80% of women will be solely responsible for household financial decisions at some point.
  3. Research indicates that Women lack confidence in making financial decisions.
    • 20% of women feel confident in managing their financial affairs vs. 45% for men.
    • Women also lack confidence in saving enough for retirement vs. men (56% vs. 65%).

Inspiring Confidence

For those women that are single/divorced, managing your financial affairs can be a daunting task. Even if you are a currently married female and your husband manages your finances, you have a greater chance to outlive your husband, so taking a proactive step to be involved in your family's financial decision making is of critical importance. Whatever your current situation – single, married, divorced, or widowed – it is crucial to educate yourself on your present financial realities and plan for the future. It is never too late to start. We care about financial planning for women because we know how important it is to your future.

Experienced in Helping Women

While many financial planning/investment firms say they cater to women, we at DeRose FPG have proven that we do. Two years ago, Karen spearheaded a women’s grassroots initiative at Lincoln with the goal of prioritizing women within the firm and also within her own practice. She is the founding Chair of The WISE Group (Women – Inspiring, Supporting, Educating) with a mandate to not only to attract more female advisors within her industry, but also to understand the financial fears and goals exclusive to female clientele through education and planning. Given our background and experience in working with female clients, we feel best equipped to help empower and inspire confidence in your financial well-being.

The WISE Group 2016

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