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At DeRose FPG, we believe that an important part of building wealth is protecting wealth. Insurance provides a crucial defense from life's uncertainties, and can provide you peace of mind that your loved ones will be protected.

Our team will work with you to identify your current insurance, whether owned privately or through your place of work. From there, we will determine the intentions behind your current insurance, and then focus on whether there is an additional need for income/asset replacement, tax efficiency, estate preservation, or the proper continuation of your business. We will also assure that your insurance is tied back to your estate planning.

Our sophisticated modeling will demonstrate whether there is a current gap in your insurance needs, and quantify specifically how much insurance is necessary in order to fill that gap, if any.

We have particular expertise in the following areas of insurance:

+ Life Insurance

  • The biggest joys in life also create the biggest responsibilities.  Marriage, children and home ownership create financial dependencies that become a burden in the event of the death of a family member.  Life Insurance can help to ensure that your family will not be faced with added stress such as debt, estate taxes and selling a home. The right insurance strategy can provide loved ones with financial security for years to come. We have particular expertise in a litany of insurance products.

+ Disability Insurance

  • Most people have insurance coverage on their homes, autos, jewelry and other personal property, but many leave their greatest asset fully unprotected: their ability to go to work. Disability insurance plays an integral and important role in protecting your family from a catastrophic disability by providing income replacement (up to a certain percentage of your income). We can guide you through the process to be sure you protect your income to the full extent necessary.

+ Long Term Care

  • With the cost of nursing homes/assisted care facilities growing dramatically, self insuring a long term care need may be an arduous task. A long term care insurance policy may enable you to transfer a portion of the economic liability of long term care to an insurance company in exchange for regular premiums. Long term care insurance may be used to help pay for skilled care, intermediate care, and custodial care. Most policies pay for nursing-home care, and comprehensive policies may also cover home care services and assisted living. Insurance can help protect your family financially from the potentially devastating cost of a long-term disabling medical condition, chronic illness, or cognitive impairment. DeRose FPG can help you navigate this confusing arena to assure that you obtain the type of coverage that fits your needs.