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Three Generations of planners with one common goal: to serve your family for generations.

DeRose FPG has been serving the financial community for three generations, starting with Ronald Sempetrean, Karen's father and Anthony's grandfather, back in 1958. We understand the intricacies of serving multiple generations, as well as the need to start planning at a young age.

A lifetime of investing and accumulating wealth presents a unique set of opportunities for you to ensure long-term financial security for your family. A comprehensive and personalized financial planning strategy is the key to achieving your multigenerational financial goals.

In-depth analysis and personalized advice based on each client’s planning needs is required. Fostering and maintaining harmonious family relationships is paramount when addressing issues surrounding the distribution of family wealth.

A good financial professional will take the time to understand the dynamics of your family, as well as your financial posture, so that they can help you define and achieve your goals. As a result of that experience you should have the resources and expertise to help with all your financial planning needs, which include:

  • Professional wealth management
  • Charitable giving programs
  • Education funding
  • Wealth protection strategies
  • Multigenerational wealth transfers
  • Tax reduction strategies

Our financial planning process is streamlined with our internally developed “multigenerational wealth pyramid," which takes into account your own vision and values for the effective transfer of your wealth to the next generation:

+ Philanthropy

  • For our altruistically inclined clients, we will help you develop an organized, tax effective pathway for you to transfer your wealth to the causes of your choice.

+ Personal Resume

  • You may think you know your own family members intimately, but you would be surprised what you do not know. By creating a “personal resume,” you can use a unique method to learn about each member of your family in a way you have not before.

+ Business/Family Governance

  • Governance—whether in a business or family setting—provides the framework in which roles, policies, processes, and controls needed to guide decisions can be established, monitored, and modified to attain organizational/family goals and objectives.

+ Tax Strategy

  • There are many important ways to make sure that your wealth stays in your family's hands, and we will help you make sure that an integrated, tax-efficient estate plan is set in place in order to make sure this happens.

+ Perpetual Trusts

  • A family bank is but one example, but a trust that can be passed on from generation to generation in a tax efficient manner.

+ Family Business Succession

  • With family businesses, succession planning can be especially complicated because of the relationships and emotions involved—and because most people are not that comfortable discussing topics such as aging, death, and their financial affairs. We help counsel families in all stages of succession planning by balancing business and family goals to help pass the family business successfully to the next generation.

+ Family Education

  • It is vital that your heirs understand how to be good stewards of your wealth, and have both net worth, but more importantly, self worth. We can help work with your family in order to help educate your children about money from a young age so they will be better equipped to handle such wealth when it passes down to them.

+ Gifting Strategies

  • Even with the high ceiling on the federal tax exemption, planning for the unknown is integral; families need to be utilize their estate tax exemption. We will help you devise strategies to gift appropriately and that it fits in with your overall estate plan.

+ Family History

  • Creating a family tree/history is a fantastic way to learn about your family throughout each generation.

+ Letter of Intent

  • This document acts as a blueprint to communicate your intentions to heirs and trusted advisors, and even, in some cases, your employees. Broader than an ethical will, it provides guidelines for professional advisors, while expressing personal sentiments and reflections to heirs.

+ Family Bank

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a low interest rate, familial pool of money to dip into in order to purchase a new home or start a new business? A Family Bank is specifically designed for such a purpose, by creating a pool of wealth that can benefit a family through multiple generations without diminution at each generational level by the normal wealth transfer taxes; i.e., the gift tax, estate tax and generation-skipping transfer tax.

+ Ethical Will

  • An ethical will, or legacy letter, is a way to share your values, blessings, life’s lessons, hopes and dreams for the future, love, and forgiveness with your family, friends, and community.

+ Family Retreat

  • Facilitated family meetings offer an effective and efficient way for thinking through and making important decisions regarding the impact of family money on individuals, children, the family estate, and the family business.

+ Bucket List

  • A bucket list is a self explanatory concept that involves listing everything that you want to accomplish before you die. This can be a great way of connecting with your family on a more personal level.

+ Family Mission

  • In all walks of life, the family is a powerful unit. Today, a growing number of families are putting that power to work by adopting family mission statements. Also known as a family constitution, strategic plan or code of conduct, such a statement can be a valuable first step toward uniting everyone in a family around goals and the actions needed to make them a reality.

+ Family Meeting

  • You’ve made the hard decisions, your documents are signed, your trust is funded, a business succession plan is in place. Congratulations, you've finished your estate planning. But have you, really? Have you explained your planning to your family? Will they understand how your plan will work and what they may need to do if you become ill or when you die? Will they wonder why you made certain decisions? Having a well-run family meeting in which your plans are explained will help prevent misunderstandings and confusion in the future, and will further bring your family together when you do pass since your wishes have been expressed in a disarming, non-confrontational manner.

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